I am committed to preserving and expanding affordable housing in Hoboken. After years of elected officials ignoring the deficiencies of our rent control ordinance, in 2011 I wrote successful legislation to update our antiquated rent control practices in Hoboken, making it fairer for both landlords and tenants.  Rent control, while imperfect, is a critical means of advancing our interest in maintain a housing stock that preserves a socio-economically diverse mix of residents who can live, work and play within the community.

I also took a lead role on the Council in providing key guidance for the City’s affordable housing ordinance and redevelopment negotiations, which require new housing units to provide at least 10% of the development for affordable housing.  Thanks to this ordinance, the City will soon have over 100 affordable housing units coming online, with more to come in the years ahead. Despite the opposition from developers, I pledge to ensure this ordinance is adhered to, so our low to moderate income residents have additional housing options in the years to come.

Working with Mayor Zimmer, I was proud to vote in favor of a project at the site of the Hoboken American Legion to rebuild the Legion and provide an additional six units of affordable housing units for homeless veterans.

Finally, as a former tenant advocate in Union City, Mayor Zimmer and I introduced the tenant advocate position here in Hoboken.  I led the Council in approving the funding for the lawyer tenant advocate, which provides free legal services for those tenants in need of assistance. I pledge to continue this critical service so our tenants have recourse for those landlord who are acting irresponsibly.