My two children, wife, and I walk the same streets you walk every day, enjoy the same parks, and rely on the same infrastructure you rely on. I’m running for Mayor because I know that together, we can make real, positive changes to improve our quality of life.

Below are some of Team Bhalla’s priorities to improve the day to day lives of residents over the next several years.

Create long term infrastructure plan: In order to upgrade our water mains, roads, and more, I’ll develop a 5-10 year long term infrastructure plan to maximize efficiencies and secure low interest rates. Having a plan in place to ensure that ensures that we are able to repave our roads at the same time as the water mains are upgraded, for example, so we are not digging up freshly paved roads for water main breaks is important.

New office of constituent services: To focus exclusively on day to day assistance, we’ll create an office dedicated to helping and responding to residents. Whether it is a pothole, repair in our parks, garbage collection, noise or other important quality of life issues, our new office of constituent services will be dedicated to providing important services and repairs. This office will be open late on certain weekdays and weekends, and will be a direct connection for residents to City Hall.

Implement technology in City Hall: We’ll streamline basic City functions into an easy to use mobile app that is a step up from the current 311 system. This app could be used for recreation purposes such as scheduling updates for various sport events, payment for recreation fees, and could be used in the parking utility for parking permits and no parking signs, among other important functions.

Create open space: Providing more open space is a great way for our residents to enjoy our City, and as Mayor I’ll expand our Southwest Park to at least one additional acre, build out our Northwest Park through an extensive community process, compete our waterfront walkway with a park along Sinatra Drive, and more. Click here to see additional details on our open space plan.

Improve traffic: We’ll advocate for further changes including the rerouting of Paterson Plank Road in Southwest Hoboken, work with state and federal elected officials to create an additional road in the back of the Southwest so cars don’t use Hoboken as a bypass and add additional traffic, examine other modifications as recommended by professional traffic engineers, and push for expanded public transit options to help alleviate the traffic on both the Northern and Southern entrances to our City.

Ease certain parking regulations: As a resident with a parking permit who parks on the street, I know we need to modify certain burdensome regulations, including changes to our “no parking” signs and booting policies, among others to make it easier for residents to find parking.