Last week was a historic week in the City of Hoboken! We introduced important policies affirming the rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community, began the first steps to replace our multi-service center, and progressed on our Washington Street project.  Below is a brief recap of our busy week!

Standing Up for the LGBTQ+ Community

Last Tuesday, I signed an Executive Order and introduced a civil rights measure making the City of Hoboken the first municipality in the State of New Jersey to require that all single occupancy bathrooms be gender neutral. This is a chance for Hoboken to lead the state and the country in affirming the civil rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m proud that this policy, when enacted, will make Hoboken even more welcoming and accepting of people of any form of gender identity or expression.

Brand New, State of the Art Multi-Service Center

Last week, my administration hosted the first public meeting to solicit public input for the creation of a brand new, state of the art recreation facility in Hoboken. In the coming months, we’ll be coming up with a plan to replace our decaying Multi-Service Center on Grand Street with a new multi-use center for all members of our community to enjoy.

I envision a brand new, multi-story facility to offer new opportunities for our community, including the potential for a swimming pool, one of the most common requests since Hoboken does not have a pool. Other potential uses could be an indoor ice skating rink, multi-use courts, a teen center, uses for local artists, as well as a renovated space for our seniors to enjoy. And, a new multi-service center could allow us to host our own, low cost summer camp for children hosted by the City.

If you couldn’t make the public meeting on Tuesday, I want to hear your thoughts! Feel free to email me any activities or uses you’d like to see in a new multi-service center.

Washington Street

As you may have seen, our Washington Street Project is making substantial progress. Washington Street was recently paved up until 5th Street, with more paving to come in the coming months now that the weather has improved.  Also, modern traffic lights along with new pedestrian walk signals have been installed up until 5th Street, which will make it much safer to cross the street. No longer do you have to look up at the traffic light for a green signal when crossing Washington Street! And, the new signals include Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI), an important pedestrian safety measure which allows for dedicated time to cross the street while all vehicles are at a stop.

My administration engages with the contractors on a daily basis, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that the project moves forward as quickly as possible.


Ravi S. Bhalla

Mayor of Hoboken