I’m pleased to share with you more good news! This week, my administration launched the initial step of soliciting public input for the creation of a brand new, state of the art recreation facility in Hoboken. In the coming months, we’ll be coming up with a plan to replace our decaying Multi-Service Center on Grand Street with a new multi-use center for all members of our community to enjoy.

Over the past several years, one piece of common feedback was that for such a dense urban environment, Hoboken was in need of more indoor recreation space for both children and adults. From the beginning days on the campaign trail last year, I made it one of my pledges to take on addressing this important quality of life issue.

I envision a brand new, multi-story facility to offer new opportunities for our community, including the potential for a swimming pool, one of the most common requests since Hoboken does not have a pool (my kids have been big advocates for this!). Other potential uses could be an indoor ice skating rink, multi-use courts, a teen center, uses for local artists, as well as a renovated space for our seniors to enjoy. And, a new multi-service center could allow us to host our own, low cost summer camp for children hosted by the City.

But, I want to hear what your thoughts are.  Please attend a public meeting on April 25 at 7:00 pm at the current multi-service center (124 Grand Street), the first step in launching the Multi-Service Renovation Project. This feedback will be valuable as we hire professionals to conduct a feasibility study to advise us on the various approaches we can take.

Once again, I’m thrilled to announce the beginning steps of our multi-service center project. Please also feel free to let me know what uses you’d like to see in a new facility! I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Ravi S. Bhalla

Hoboken Mayor